5 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home & Sell quickly

5 home improvement tips you can use today

Your home is quite possibly the biggest investment that you will ever make. It’s certainly expensive, but the first home that you buy may not be the only home that you buy. You need to know that you have received great value for money when you purchase your house, and it’s the same for others when you decide that it’s time to move from your current home to one that suits your new situation.

Quick house buyer Ask Susan says when you’re trying to sell your house quickly, the last thing you need is to get it on the market and find that you get no bites. You want to be able to appeal to a great range of buyers, but if you’re not getting any interest and no one is asking you for more information on your home, then something is going wrong somewhere. You can’t change the location of the house, but you can do everything I your power to make it appealing to house hunters.

Before you start making huge, house-altering decisions, the best thing that you can do is have a chat with a local estate agent and get your house valued in its current state. Your estate agent can talk you through the current market in your area and let you know how you can compare to the homes that have sold quickly recently in the area. They can also advise you on whether there is even a market now and what the best time of year to market your home is. In the meantime, check out five exciting home improvements that you could plan to make, giving you the best price for your home when you need a quick house sale.

1. Convert The Loft

Okay, so this is a pretty big decision to upgrade your house. New buyers want as much space as they can get, and while a loft conversion can run into the thousands depending on the type, you need to look at this as an investment. Spending some cash adding a whole new room or guest suite to the top of the house can make your home more appealing, which is what you want to do. Always get professional advice before you steam ahead with your loft conversion plans, as your loft may not be in the right condition for a full conversion.

2. Aim For Kerb Appeal

It’s such a simple solution to your appeal issue, but kerb appeal is probably the best thing that you can give your home when you’re attracting buyers. Paint the front door a bold colour and landscape the front yard; both things draw the eye and stand out in a good way. Cleaning the outside of the house and windows also does your home a huge favour, so investigate cleaning companies to assist you.

3. Go Glass

There’s something truly stunning about a conservatory with floor to ceiling windows. Not only does it draw in natural light, making the home brighter, it gives you a great return on your investment and is a great way to add some space to the house.

4. Bathroom Renovations

Sprucing up the bathroom is more than just adding a lick of paint and re-grouting the tiles. You need to think about installing a shower cubicle and updating the bath to one that is claw-footed and stand-alone. You can add 5% to the value of your house with a new bathroom, so it’s worth considering if you haven’t already.

5. Upgrade The Kitchen

Lastly, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Most buyers head to the kitchen first and foremost when viewing a property, so it stands to reason that yours should look amazing. Storage is key for your kitchen for new buyers, and your home improvements can make it so that your kitchen is excellently put together to boost your saleability. New kitchens make your house appealing; it’s like sliding into an unused and brand-new car – it feels good!

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Whether you’re thinking about selling your home quickly or you just want to make some improvements for now, the value of your home should always be on your mind. Every home on the market has a ceiling price, so try not to make changes that would take you beyond that for your area; you could end up losing money if you do. Big renovations can earn you more value to your home but don’t forget about the little ones, too. Carpet replacement, new paintwork and even a change in the fixtures and fittings can add value to your house.

Need finance?

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