7 easy DIY home improvement projects you can do on a budget


Are you hoping to transform the aesthetic of your home without spending a fortune? It’s often assumed that you need to fork out a ton of money to achieve a mini makeover, but this simply isn’t the case. If you’re looking for straightforward, budget-friendly home improvements, here are 7 great suggestions to get you started.

Hanging shelves

Is clutter a major bugbear in your home? Are you constantly stumbling over stuff, or is it virtually impossible to keep your living room or kitchen tidy? If so, shelves could be the solution. If you’re short on floor space, it makes sense to take advantage of the space you have available on the walls. Hanging shelves is a relatively straightforward job, which will enable you to clear clutter, and create an attractive focal point. Before you start drilling holes into walls, check for pipes, and then use a spirit level to make sure your shelves are straight. You can go for a basic wooden shelf, or opt for something a little different, such as floating shelves or a wall mounted unit, if you’re keen to create a new feature.

Upcycling chairs

Have you got chairs that have seen better days? Are you missing a leg, or is the paintwork chipped? If so, you don’t have to rush out and buy a brand new set of chairs to accompany your dining table. Upcycling is an incredibly popular trend, which could save you a huge amount of cash. Using old items, you can embrace your creativity, and create a brand new piece of furniture. You can upholster new cushions or paint the woodwork to give tired furniture a new lease of life. Go for bright colours for a bold look in a funky, modern kitchen, or channel the shabby chic vibe with cream paint and chair pads made from gingham or floral fabric. If you need inspiration or a few tips, there are myriad video tutorials online.

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Go green

Are you looking for a really easy, affordable way to make your home look better? If so, plants could be the answer. Plants inject colour, they create a fresh, clean feel, and you can use pots and planters to add colour. As well as looking great, plants are also proven to purify the air and boost mental health. You can display plants anywhere, and there’s a huge range of pots, crates, and boxes available to suit any room.


Are you keen to try a new look in your living room or bedroom? Wallpaper has the power to transform a room in the space of a few hours. All you need to do is measure the area, work out how much paper you need, and then prepare the walls to ensure a smooth finish. Lay out your paper on a table, use a brush to apply paste, and then place the paper on the wall.


If you’re thinking of switching up your colourways or trying out new interior trends, painting is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to achieve this goal. Clean and sand the walls before you apply a coat of primer, and lay down some dust sheets to protect the floor and furniture. Use a roller for larger spaces, and a brush for more intricate parts, including sockets and window frames. It’s a good idea to cover the edges and skirting boards in masking tape before you start. You may need several coats if you’re covering a dark or bright colour with a lighter shade. Wait for the previous coat to dry before applying more paint.

Create a picture gallery

Have you got your children’s artwork plastered all over the kitchen units, or are there framed photos occupying every available inch of display space in the lounge? If so, why not think about creating a picture gallery? By doing this, you can save space, and make your walls look fabulous at the same time. All you need to do is identify a suitable area, use a pencil to locate each individual frame, and then hang your frames. You can buy the same frames, or different shapes and colours to make the exhibit look less uniform.

Adding a mirror

Mirrors are a stunning addition to any room. Hanging a mirror on the wall will alter the aesthetic, but it will also open up the space, reflect natural light, and make the room look bigger and brighter. Use a measuring tape and a spirit level to find the best spot, and then drill holes and place sturdy tacks to hold the mirror in place.

Are you keen to enhance the look of your home on a budget? If you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and flex your DIY skills, there are loads of ways you can transform your interiors without spending a vast amount of money. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration.