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What happens when you are made bankrupt?

Bankruptcy is one of the most feared terms in the financial industry. Everyone worries about being made bankrupt, but what does this actually mean? In this post, we’ll run through what happens when you are made bankrupt and why some people choose to declare bankruptcy themselves. What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is seen as a last 

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What Does A Loan Broker Actually Do?

If you’re hoping to take out a loan, you may be toying with the idea of using a broker. A loan broker can help you find the best deal if you’re intent on borrowing money. If you’re thinking of hiring a broker, but you’re not sure how to find the best person for the job, 

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A Guide To Buy To Let Mortgages

Many people take out a mortgage to buy a home, but some buyers are looking for a property to rent out. If you’re hoping to invest in property you plan to let out, you’ll need to look for a different type of mortgage, known as a buy to let mortgage. Buy to let mortgages are 

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What To Do If You’ve Borrowed Money From A Loan Shark

Sometimes, when you need money desperately, you resort to making decisions that can have an incredibly negative impact on your finances, as well as your health and wellbeing. Loan sharks prey on vulnerable people who feel like they have no alternative but to borrow money from illegal lenders. The terms of agreements are often unmanageable, 

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Broker fees – what you need to know

Whether you need to apply for a mortgage, get a secured loan, or finance your new business; there is no getting away from the fact that you may end up paying at least some fees to brokers. In the hope of shedding some light on the situation and setting the record straight, there is a 

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5 Ideas To Fund Your New Business

So, you’ve decided to finally leave your job and start your own business. But now you’re facing a serious problem. How do you finance your exciting idea? Setting up a business isn’t cheap, and you will need money in your account from day one. Thankfully, there are a few possibilities that any business owner can 

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Going Self Employed: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you starting to loathe your nine to five? Do you find office politics a nightmare? It might be time to think about getting out of the rat race and taking more control over your career. We’re talking about becoming a self-employed business owner. It sounds exciting doesn’t it, and you’d be joining a growing 

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a loan or any other debt secured on it.

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