Loan Broker

We’re credit brokers who can quickly compare the market to find you the cheapest loans. Loans are available for both tenants and secured loans for homeowners from a wide range of lenders.

Loans are available for both good and bad credit applicants.

Are you secured loan brokers?

Yes. We can broker secured loans from a panel of over 20 different second charge lenders. Secured loans can be arranged to suit most applicant types including bad credit loans. Our secured loan brokers can arrange loans for debt consolidation, home improvements and secured loans against BTL property.

Do I need to be a homeowner?

No. We have a larger panel of unsecured lenders who will offer loans to applicants with credit issues. There are also a range of guarantor loan options for those applicants who are able to offer the support of a guarantor who has a good credit rating. If you have bad credit and are a homeowner then you may find a bad credit homeowner loan more suitable. If you’re unsure then an advisor will be able to find you the best solution upon making an application.

Do you charge broker fees?

Yes and no. Broker fees are charged on secured loans as these are sourced and packaged on behalf of the lender. There are no broker fees charged on unsecured loans including guarantor loans.

What will a broker do?

A loan broker will initially take your application details and find out from you how much you wish to borrow and over what repayment term. They will then use their expertise to search all the lenders within the panel to find the lowest rate loan that matches your requirements. The broker will also carry out a soft credit search as part of the process to greater understand your credit worthiness. If you agree to proceed with the loan the broker will then submit your application to the lender.

I need an unsecured loan can you help?

Yes. We’re unsecured loan brokers who can quickly search our panel of unsecured lenders to find a personal loan that is right for you. We have a wide selection of lenders including bad credit no guarantor loans and loans for applicants that can offer a guarantor. We will use a soft credit search to see which lenders are the most suitable for your credit type and history.

Can you help me consolidate my debts?

Yes absolutley. One of our brokers will be able to discuss your existing debts and help you find a loan that can consolidate these debts into a new and more manageable loan. Both unsecured and secured debt consolidation loans are available. The broker will be able to discuss your options when you make an enquiry here on the website.