Secured Home Improvement Loans

If you’re a homeowner and need a loan for home improvements then you may wish to take out a secured home improvement loan. We can arrange a low rate loan of £5,000 plus with repayment terms from 3 – 30 years.

Solutions for both good and bad credit applicants and non mainstream applicants who may have found it difficult getting a loan elsewhere.

What types of home improvements are these loans suitable for?

Secured loans are generally used for larger amounts and are a popular options for homeowners who have equity in their home to secure an additonal loan. Secured home improvement loans are used to fund home extensions, modernisation projects such as a new kitchen, bathroom or garden landscaping. Most borrowers choose to use the loan to add value to their property and increase its value. They are also a popular options for landlords who wish to take out an extra loans against buy-to-let rental property.

How is this loan different to a regular home improvement loan?

If you take out a secured loan for home improvements this simply means that the loan is secured against your property, like a mortgage. These types of loans are second charge mortgages and are paid off alongside your first charge mortgage. Often, secured loans are taken out when the borrower needs a larger sum of money, in such cases as home improvements or larger home modernisation projects. To take out a second mortgage you need to be a homeowner and have enough equity available in your home or a buy to let property to secure the loan against. Loans are available from £5,000 – £250,000 and can be repaid over 25 years if required. The brokers here at Feasible can arrange both secured and unsecured home improvement loans to suit most credit types and welcome all applications, including bad credit and those with an adverse credit file or low credit score.

What lenders do you have on your second charge panel?

We cover most of the market place including well known lenders and brands such as Paragon Bank, Together Money, West One Loans, Shawbrook Bank, Masthaven Bank, Prestige Finance, Optimum Credit, United Trust Bank, Norton Finance, Central Trust, Clearly Loans, Step One Finance, Sping Finance, 1st Stop Home Loans, Evolution Money.