Wedding Loans

Congratulations you’re getting married!

If you need some help in funding your big day and honeymoon expenses then we can help with a wedding day loan.

Our expert team of advisors will quickly search the market to find you a great deal loan at the lowest possible rates.

Solutions for all credit types including bad and adverse credit applicants. Lending decisions can be given quickly so you can get a quick decison how much you can borrow.

How much can I borrow for my wedding?

This depends of a range of factors. We can offer both unsecured and secured loans. Secured loans are for homeowners and like a mortgage are a good option if you need to borrow a larger amount and repay it over the longer term. With a homeowner wedding loan you can borrow from £5000 – £250,000. If you need an unsecured loan the maximum you could borrow here is around £20,000 – £25,000 depending on the lender required. When you apply here at Feasible the advisor will be able to provide you with a personal quote so you knoe exactly how much you can borrow. If you want to get an idea of the interest costs and monhtly repayments you can try our repayments calculator.

Can I fund the cost of my honeymoon aswell as wedding day?

Yes. Any loan you take out can be used as you wish and for whatever expenses you need to cover. This is completely for you to decide.

I’m getting married next month how quickly can I get a loan?

We can give you a decision within just a few hours and loans can complete within a few days. If you’re a homeowner and require a secured loan then this will take longer as there are more tasks involved in arranging these types of loans. A homeowner loan may take around 4-6 weeks to complete and for you to get the money in your account.

Can I take out a loan to purchase our wedding rings?

Yes. The funds for any loan you take out can be used to buy wedding rings and any other associated expenses suit as suit hire, wedding dresses and limousine hire for example.

I dont have a very good credit rating can I still get a wedding loan?

If you dont have a good credit score or have had issues getting a loan in the past then this shouldn’t stop you from getting a loan. We may still be able to help arrange loans for bad credit customers and can offer a range of guarantor and non guarantor lenders who offer loans to applicants with a lower credit score. This may include applicants with past CCJ’s, missed payments and defaults.

I need to buy a wedding dress can I take out a loan for this?

Yes. We can help to arrange a loan for you to buy a wedding dress and any other items such as bridesmaid dresses, suits for the groom and best man. Once you receive the funds then you can allocate the proceeds any purchase what you need for the wedding.